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English Eccentric

For my Second shoot i have been inspired by the British fever that is going around at the moment. The King's Speech and the up and coming Royal wedding are really the subjects everybody wants to talk about. I am a great fan of our beloved quirky English style and feel that i ought to pay homage to our love of mixing and matching, our textures and rich heritage.

I am working towards creating a shoot that consists of a more homely feeling, as opposed to high fashion. The reason i feel that this would be a good idea is because, as a culture i feel are stero-type style is generally about heritage, clutter,  warmth, nick-nacks, and imperfections. This 'quirky' idea comes from the idea that as a culture we have more individuality and we can pull it off. Even when i watched the King's Speech, you can really see in the deco and style that we do not mind imperfections.

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