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The first shoot

My second attempt for my first shoot was much more successful. By this point i was certain about what i wanted the outcome of this shoot to look like. This shoot consists of the following elements that i had originally hoped to create, they are as follows: Strong, powerful, contrasting, alien like images that have succeeded in creating a shoot that reflects what i wanted to achieve. Little changes such as the face being covered, helps create a mystery to the images, and does not distract the eye away from the outfits. 

I wanted to create the image above to look unusual, and almost like you can not tell what it is. The reason being is i felt it really tied in well with the optical illusions that i had referenced earlier on in the project. 

I desaturated all of these images as it helped reinforce my inspiration and helped add to the strange effect that i was hoping to achieve.

The above image is one of my favourites from this shoot. I got the model to crouch down like this as i wanted it to almost mirror the head piece that she has on.

This image does not have many shapes, lines, contrast compared to the others, however, when creating this image i wanted to create a shape that almost looked like pieces of the body were missing.

The checked skirt helps create the illusion that the model is almost unusually tall. We felt that taken the image from below would help add to this illusion. 

The image above was created by focusing on shape. I put a hanger inside the top to create the pointy shape that mirrors the lines made on the skirt. 

I had my review a few days back and the feed back for this shoot was not what i was expecting. Over all it was negative. Basically, the clothes were not right, and neither was the hair. I took all of the comments on board and after having a good old moan I knew what they meant about the shoot.

My first shoot

Well, despite nerves and the ever changing weather conditions, my first shoot ran rather smoothly and successfully! I had a great time styling and i am really pleased with the final out come.

The only problem we did have on the day was quite a major one. We did this shoot on some cliffs near to my house and we drove there so that we could have a place to change the model and keep all of the hundreds of bags we needed. Anyway, we were happily getting on with the shoot and some man pulled up in his car and started screaming and shouting. i was very shocked as we were very quite and i really did not understand why the man was screaming so loudly. Basically, he was saying that we needed to move our car as the land is privately owned. We were blissfully unaware that this was the case otherwise we would have never parked there. It was very unclear as not all of the cliff is privately owned in fact just a very small area is. The sign that tell people it is private had been turned upside down and backwards so obviously when you are driving you are not going to take notice of a sign you can not see. WHAT A JOBS WORTH!!! As a result to this mans unreasonable behaviour, we had to move an find a different location. This as you can imagine did not go down well as time was running out and we had done all our previous photographs in that spot. However, thankfully we managed to find an area of the cliff that was not private and the people were very friendly and interested in what we were doing. It did cause us to have to rush as the light had changed and so had the weather but over all we pulled it off.

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