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Scrap booking with My Memories!

This is an image that I created for my album based on my weekend. As I always take photographs,  I find that I often forget to print or even use them! Since using this programme it has helped me to keep track and create pages filled with images that have captured a moment, not just a pose. 

This is a screen shot of what the programme looks like. It is very easy to use and there are endless options for you to look through. There are also options to buy more designs and you even get some more free ones to add to your collection. The list is endless! 

OH, and for all of you fellow bloggers out there, this is an amazing way to keep your blog post together, and make them look creative and different. 

FIVE *****

My Memories Suite 2

A few weeks ago I was contacted by My Memories to try out their software. This Software is for the crafty types out there. If you love scrap booking, photographs and organising you will LOVE this programme.

I have always said since I had my first digital camera, that the way we look at photographs will never be the same again. I was the type of child that used to enjoy sifting through my mums photo albums and I have always loved the idea of starting my own selection of albums. However, I often take photographs and end up leaving them on the computer! As a result, I have very few physical albums. Until now!

I have created a page filled with photographs of my weekend using My Memories Suite and I have fallen in LOVE! It can be as quick and easy as you want, or you have options to spend hours perfecting, organising and creating both digital and physical albums.


So for Woolmark I have posted two images of an outfit that I styled obviously consisting of wooly items and trying to capture the essence of what wool makes me feel. 

For me, I feel that wool represents nostalgia. It makes me think of my mum knitting me a cream wooly jumper that i used to adore! It makes me think of long walks on a frosty day and of comfort and happiness. 

Why did I pick this outfit? Well, my aim was to recreate a nostalgic vibe but with a glamorous twist. I felt inspired to try a create an image that looks care free, peaceful yet edgy. When doing the shoot in the open field with all the fresh air around me I felt at peace. The cold air was chilling but the bright sun kept warming us up and creating the most romantic lighting. 

Looking back at the shoot I think wearing wool brings a lot of emotions out in different ways but I think that the ultimate feeling is that of warmth and comfort. I hope my glamours twist reminds people that wool is very versatile. 


So fashion by feelings is a company that promotes wearing wool. If you take a closer look to fashion related things such as retailers, magazines etc you will notice that they certainly have a presence within the fashion industry. I work at Hobbs and last week they received a fax about WoolMark and the campaign. Also in last weeks Drapers Woolmark is advertising The Wool Lab, which tells people about the A/W12-13 trends. It is running through the start of September. 

have a look at  It is a great website! 

Hello people!

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, things have been a bit manic! But i'm back! and my first post for my return is going to be about WOOL!!!

Why Wool? Well, it just so happens to be all about the Wool, as Wool Week is upon us. So start sifting through all of your old winter clothes from last year and try re-vamping them!