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To any of you who are interested - I decided I wanted to start a new blog from scratch as I am at a new chapter of my life. Sadly I won't be posting My Captain Kirk anymore, however, follow me on my new Blog More exciting, more creative, fun and generally alot better!!! Thanks to all of you who have loved my blog. Please come and visit my new one- and please FOLLOW ME!!!! Xxx


Hilton Owen

I came across this artist called Hilton Owen and literally fell in love! His work takes surrealism to a whole new almost modern, way of seeing this form of art! Maybe it's the magazine like pictures of the women that makes it more contemporary. It is undeniably an amazing collection of work! Oh yeah, and I WANT ONE! 

Mulberry Love!

This beautiful creation is top of my Dream list. I love the colour, shape and pleats!

And this beaut is number 2 on the D-list! Animal print is bigger than ever, and the more I try to stop buying stuff with these prints, the more animaltastic my wardrobe gets. I give up!  

 And last, but by no means least, have you seen the Mulberry S/S12 campaign? If not check the above images out and go and view Mulberry have somehow managed to make the British summer and seaside look incredibly appealing! BRING ON SUMMER!