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Mrs Jones

The images below are some i have taken and used for inspiration from the website, as i felt  there was a great element of creativity and personal style to it. I would love to create a website with the element of personality and creativity however, i also feel that in terms of promoting myself as a Stylist, i feel that creating a site that is more neutral can be liked by most. I absolutely love, and i am hoping to take inspiration from the way she has clearly stamped her signature style all of over her website.

Last Friday, I was invited to go and have a bit of a rummage around the studio of Fee aka Mrs Jones. She is the designer behind some amazing music video outfits, such as: Kylie Minogue's Can't getcha outta my head. Scissor sisters, Katy Perry and many more.

The place was hugely inspirational and filled with some amazing pieces. I took lots of pictures when i was there as Fee's collections reflect my taste in fashion. The place was buzzing, it was filled with semi naked models, and other industry professionals all fighting to look at all the amazing pieces.

I am really hoping that i will be able to use some of her bits that she has there for shoots as it was like heaven to me and no doubt every aspiring stylist. Everybody was so friendly and i felt at home right away, which was a bonus.

Shoot 6 in a colder hue

These are the colder images. However, I feel even more confused as to which ones to pick!! The image have varied slightly as some of the images that i have used for the warmer selection, did not look very good once edited into a colder hue.

I love the seaside, and for this shoot i was inspired by the beach. The image above in meant to reminiscent of a wave crashing against the shore. I used obvious colours to represent this and got the model to move the fabric to become 'wave like'. 

This image was to represent old rope that you often find around boast and on the beach. I used the blue dress to try to reflect this. 

Seaweed,  was my inspiration for this shoot, i found a wet look dress and placed the model in front of the seaweed covered rocks. I feel that i was successful in producing this look.

I was inspired by Seashells for this image and i picked this skirt because of the material and shimmer it has. 

This image was inspired by pebbles on the beach. I used to different types of netted tops to try and mirror the look of the pebbles. 

This dress was picked by myself to represent fish. I love the shimmer and details of fish scales, it can often look so beautiful therefore i wanted to create this look.