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I have finally created my website and it is now alive and kicking. It was the hardest thing i have ever had to  do! the process of contecting it up to my domain name was just so hard, and it really tested my patience! I had to do the whole process 5 times because of the most silly mistakes, but these silly mistakes made such a difference!
When i completed my website i cried! yeap, i cried, i felt like i had achieved so much and i had learnt the most in three months than ever before. It has been such a roller coaster for me, but it is an achievement of mine i am most proud of. Thanks to Kevin, as if it was not for him, i probably would have thrown my computer out of the window! Check it out!!!!

My Timetable has had a few changes, mainly due to my Web design addiction. However, I am currently enjoying it, but this week it will be going live so let's hope it goes well!!!

Addicted to Web design!

After creating my Business cards the choice of colour i used in the background (the light dusty pink) made me change my mind about having a blank background, and go for the same light dusty pink for the background of my website. It worked quite well when i was busy experimenting, and i feel that it compliments the orange nicely as well.

Below are a few pages and icons i have created that will be featured on my website, some are still work in progress, however, I finally feel like i can work towards a look for my site.

I must say i really am enjoying the creative process of building a website. Although it is very time consuming, i am officially addicted. In fact it has become so bad that i was originally ahead of my timetable by 3 days, and i have made a rod for my own back by not saying STOP, enough is enough!

I am so excited to see the results, I feel like i could compare it to having a child, (not that i have one) but it is my baby, and i want it to be perfect!

My Business cards

I created my business cards because i felt it is an essential for when you're networking. I have also created myself a new and professional email address! '' I am very proud! So i used my logo for the front and obviously the details on the back. I felt that my logo had to be put onto the cards as i want them to memorable, i feel an image will help seal the deal. 

These are some of the designs that i have created to get my ideas flowing for my website. I am not very happy with any of those attempts they are just not me in any way! I do not think it is very eye catching or   will it make anyone else want to view my work. I thought it was good while i was creating it, but it look weak and too home made! 

I have managed to develop my logo further and i am very pleased with the final outcome. All i need to do now is lift the 'icarelli' up to match the 'aura' and it is good to go. I decided not to use the big orange circle for my enter page as i felt it was a bit plain and after looking at it a good few times, it did nothing for me.  instead i still used the orange circle but to a much smaller and more stylish scale!

I was experimenting with my first  page for my website, as i want to create a page that is almost like a title page, just to add a bit more of a professional vibe to it. 

It needs more work done but i think i will carry on using the orange as i would quite like to use a specific colour palette through out the website, blog etc. 

I started playing around with interesting ways to have my name written to put on my website. The above is not quite there yet for me but i feel i want to use the way i have created the L & P and see if i can maybe tidy it up a bit. 
I started to create my logo. I wanted to create one as i felt that it would be a nice element to use through out my B-cards, website, portfolio and CV. It is a simple idea, however i feel it will tie each individual part together nicely.
I started to look at Magpies as my surname stems from a latin word that originally means magpie. (I think that is right) It is also quite fitting as i only found that out recently about my surname, and it is also my nickname at home, as my parents believe that i get attracted to things in their house then take things with me when i leave to come back to uni! Ridiculous! anyway i then wanted to adapted the magpie further and incorporated my first name which comes from the latin word for Laurel leaves.

This is my first attempt and i am really happy with it! I feel really pleased with my design and feel that this will look good on a range of my professional pieces.  

My website-

Well, after Kevin's lectures i must admit i am very excited about my website. I already have a few ideas of what i want to produce, however, i need to get it out of my head and start producing a good website. I purchased my own domain name a few days back. So now there is a!!! I feel almost like a celeb! well maybe not. However, I did have a few reservations about calling my website Laura Picarelli, mainly because most people fail to be able to spell it, it is quite a long name and people always ask em how to spell it. Anyway, after speaking to Kim Howells and Kevin, they both felt that it would not be an issue and that i should go ahead and use it.

I did try to come up with a name for a website that was more about what i do as opposed to my name, however, after speaking with a few others and doing a bit more research, i agreed with Kim and Kevin, it is a website about my work and for this reason i should use my name.