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Addicted to Web design!

After creating my Business cards the choice of colour i used in the background (the light dusty pink) made me change my mind about having a blank background, and go for the same light dusty pink for the background of my website. It worked quite well when i was busy experimenting, and i feel that it compliments the orange nicely as well.

Below are a few pages and icons i have created that will be featured on my website, some are still work in progress, however, I finally feel like i can work towards a look for my site.

I must say i really am enjoying the creative process of building a website. Although it is very time consuming, i am officially addicted. In fact it has become so bad that i was originally ahead of my timetable by 3 days, and i have made a rod for my own back by not saying STOP, enough is enough!

I am so excited to see the results, I feel like i could compare it to having a child, (not that i have one) but it is my baby, and i want it to be perfect!

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