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I started to create my logo. I wanted to create one as i felt that it would be a nice element to use through out my B-cards, website, portfolio and CV. It is a simple idea, however i feel it will tie each individual part together nicely.
I started to look at Magpies as my surname stems from a latin word that originally means magpie. (I think that is right) It is also quite fitting as i only found that out recently about my surname, and it is also my nickname at home, as my parents believe that i get attracted to things in their house then take things with me when i leave to come back to uni! Ridiculous! anyway i then wanted to adapted the magpie further and incorporated my first name which comes from the latin word for Laurel leaves.

This is my first attempt and i am really happy with it! I feel really pleased with my design and feel that this will look good on a range of my professional pieces.  

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