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Well, after Kevin's lectures i must admit i am very excited about my website. I already have a few ideas of what i want to produce, however, i need to get it out of my head and start producing a good website. I purchased my own domain name a few days back. So now there is a!!! I feel almost like a celeb! well maybe not. However, I did have a few reservations about calling my website Laura Picarelli, mainly because most people fail to be able to spell it, it is quite a long name and people always ask em how to spell it. Anyway, after speaking to Kim Howells and Kevin, they both felt that it would not be an issue and that i should go ahead and use it.

I did try to come up with a name for a website that was more about what i do as opposed to my name, however, after speaking with a few others and doing a bit more research, i agreed with Kim and Kevin, it is a website about my work and for this reason i should use my name.

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