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So for Woolmark I have posted two images of an outfit that I styled obviously consisting of wooly items and trying to capture the essence of what wool makes me feel. 

For me, I feel that wool represents nostalgia. It makes me think of my mum knitting me a cream wooly jumper that i used to adore! It makes me think of long walks on a frosty day and of comfort and happiness. 

Why did I pick this outfit? Well, my aim was to recreate a nostalgic vibe but with a glamorous twist. I felt inspired to try a create an image that looks care free, peaceful yet edgy. When doing the shoot in the open field with all the fresh air around me I felt at peace. The cold air was chilling but the bright sun kept warming us up and creating the most romantic lighting. 

Looking back at the shoot I think wearing wool brings a lot of emotions out in different ways but I think that the ultimate feeling is that of warmth and comfort. I hope my glamours twist reminds people that wool is very versatile. 

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