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This is my location. I want to shoot this at Kingsdown Cliffs as the emptiness and vast amount of space will help the strong lines and contrasting colours stand out. In black and white this location looks very creepy and is almost unrecognisable. I want to make my shoot look like an alien has landed and like it is about to take over. 

This is my inspiration mood board that i will take with me to the shoot along with my pose sketches as every bit of inspiration counts for me. I want a powerful shoot that reflects how clothing can create strange silhouettes by clever styling.

For my make up and hair i have created a mood board to help my make up and hair assistant understand the look i am hoping to achieve. I want to carry on this theme of strong and powerful, therefore i have found images of hair and make up that i believe will reinforce this look. I want my model to look like she is almost for another world. I feel that sleek back hair put into a bun would be a good look as it can look like an extension of a person head. That sounds odd but you know what i mean! haha! Dark eyes and lips, with a pale complexion will add to the contrast that i want the shoot to withhold. I want this shoot to be in black and white, so every last detail has to be contrasting otherwise will could go very wrong.

Leigh Bowery 

Leigh Bowery's fashion statements left people often wondering what sex he was, and no doubt in some outfits, what he was. However, he captured the art of optical illusions through clothing, and it is in his outfits that you can see how powerful styling can be. 

I am not going to try and recreate the kind of looks that Leigh did, however, my inspiration is from the same family. I want to create a shoot that is a lot more commercial in a sense, as i feel that as a stylist this is my signature style. 

I find it amazing that certain changes can make your eyes believe they are seeing something else. Below is a picture of Salvador Dali, and as a Surrealist Painter he often played around with illusions and perspectives. Below he has used looking glasses to change his appearance and create a kind of illusion.  This image has particular inspired me to experiment with the styling that i will be doing. I think that i will look into trying to create outfits that change the shape of a body. 

The strong contrasting lines in these images are used in nature to confuse predators. amongst their habitats the eyes of the predator are (or in the spiders case prey) their lines work as illusion and help them mix in to the background. Although i do not want to create an image that blends the model into the background, I feel that the lines play such  significant part in their ability to confuse that i want to ensure that these strong lines are reflected in my styling. 

These images are optical illusions and to me they are almost very beautiful with how each line complements each other. The most amazing element of the art is to me is, how the way you put certain lines, colours etc together, it can change the way you see things completely.
This is a very attractive element for a stylists as often we want to create a different shape, play with proportions, and make an outfit change the wearer completely.

I have always been very fond of optical illusions, I think it stems for the long car journey's I have always had to endure, and they always kept me extremely occupied. About a week ago i found an old optical illusions book that i completely forgot i had. Obviously i had to have a few turns of making my eyes go funny, but it also inspired me for my first shoot. 

I was mainly inspired by the contrast of black and white and the strong lines that the illusions create. I have also always been a fan of op art, so for me the idea of using this as inspiration for shoot 1, seems to be a good one. 

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