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Cartoons and Colours!

I started looking into cartoons as i have always enjoyed watching them and i feel the use of block colour is used best in animation. Clothing and the colours worn by each character become a signature look for each cartoon as, as we all know cartoon characters hardly ever change clothes. Doing a shoot based on colour gave me a great excuse to started getting into some of my childhood favourites and use 'research' as an excuse for watching them! 

The Power Puff Girls have never been so fashionable! looking back at these cartoons has given me great styling inspiration. I have really referenced them a lot in my outfits that i have started to put together, for example, Freddie from Scooby-Doo  is wearing bright blue with bright orange which gave me a huge amount of inspiration for one of my outfits (see if you can tell which one). 

Colour is inspirational to me as i come from an artistic background, and for me colour represents moods, personality and childhood memories. 

Pop art has inspired me to try and work towards creating a look that is inspired by the use of block colour in pop art and the harsh contrasts with the subject and background. The use of colour also links in well with the S/S11 trends of colour.

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