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My favourite pictures for this shoot

I created the layered look that i was inspired by from my family album images, by layering up some snap shoots i took of the Black Douglas when i was there having coffee once. I then added them to the images  taken on the day of the shoot to help me recreate that imperfect look i was hoping to achieve. I am very pleased with this shoot as i feel it captures the essence of a homely British style. 

I liked the lighting behind the model for this shoot. I had already prepared to do i shot in front of the window on a previous visit. but at the time of day that we did the shoot the lighting was bright and helped emphasis the models clothes. I create the outfit to be mismatched and 'thrown together' however, i felt that it was important in this shoot to have quite a structure, almost tailored set of outfits as i feel that, this is typical of the British stereotype style. 

I used a very cool colour palette  to bring out the blues and to compliment the cool colourings of the model. I added the pink followers on the waist coat to tie together all of the colours that are in the in the background with the outfit. I specifically layered a warmer image underneath it as i felt it created a more united image to what i was already trying to create.

I added a pink netted piece of fabric to the underneath of this dress to bring out the pinks that are in the patterns. I also layered an image beneath this image that also has a hint of pink in it to emphasis this colour. I originally had a different colour jacket with this outfit but i felt that the navy over powered the setting so i chose to go for  the one above.

The lines that you can see in the background I added to bring out the checked pattern on the dress. I told the model to stand by this window as the window mirrored the pattern on the dress. 

I needed a bit of colour to help bring out the outift, so we took a shot with the blinds down and it really set the outfit off. I layered a blue dress underneath the see-through lace one.

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