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The Black Douglas- My favourite place in the world.

I picked the Black Douglas as my location because for me it captures everything that Britain is about. It has class, importance, a shabbyness to it, with a strong sense of heritage and history. I often go to the Cafe and every time i sit down and look out to the beautiful sea i feel relaxed and in a sense like i have travelled back in time. Everything in there seems unique from the mismatch tea sets, to the old maps, to the huge Deers head that watches over you. It is so quintessential of a place you could imagine an English eccentric to live/go.

I got in contact with the owner to see if i could do my shoot there, she kindly said she would let me use the cafe as my location for free, however, after i thought about it i felt that it would be better if i paid to have the room completely for my shoot, as i felt her customers would find it a bit intrusive or even complain as  needed to use a lot of space. I felt that the shoot ran very well and the two hour slot helped drive the team to work fast and effectively.

I would recommend this venue to anybody interested in this style. The staff were kind, friendly and let us get on with things.

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