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Krystal London

I went to Pure London in Feb to try and network with designers in order for me to try and collaborate with them. I wanted to do this as i felt it not only ticks off one of our mandatory shoots that i need, it also allows me to work with professionals and get my name out there.
Anyway, i got talking to a guy called Kunal, he owns the brand Krystal London. As soon as i saw he collections i was so so so impressed! They are so sparkly, and over the top i LOVED them straight away! I then went to speak to Kunal as i waned to see if he would like to collaborate. He gave me his card and from there i emailed him and he agreed to lend me some pieces from his collections.
We had arranged to meet today the 10th March but there was some confusion and as a result i am going to collect the jewellery tuesday the 15th March.
It has set me back a week but as i am doing two shoots next week now i will have caught up. I am very excited about this, and once i know what pieces he will be giving me, i can then create a shoot accordingly.

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