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Shoot numero 3

For my next shoot i have been inspired by the colour white. This all began because i saw white netting in the window of some shop and light was coming through from outside and it seemed to really bring the fabric to life. Obviously i then started to research more into using white in photo shoots, and i have an old issue of Vogue which is featured in my inspiration board that i feel in love with. I know when you are creating a shoot using white it is so hard to try and make it standout, look different from each of the other shoots and the worst and most dangerous is not to make it look like wedding photographs. i felt however, that i was up for the challenge and started to research into ballet because of the dramatic lighting and obvious use of white clothing.
I did not want to try and create or be completely inspired by ballet but i wanted to capture the elegance, drama and beauty of it. I want to create images that can show off white to its full potential and dramatic lighting will help bring everything to life.

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