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colour shoot

These are my final images that i have picked. Each photograph has been chosen as they each reflect the harsh, strong and powerful look i set out to achieve. 

I found this jacket in a charity shop and i knew it would end up in the shoot. The brightness mixed with the blue made the image look powerful and helped to reinforce the primary colours that i have been inspired by. 

This outfit was inspired by Bubble gum. I love Guy Gordin's film that i have already spoken about, and at first i was a bit reluctant but looking back at his video of the woman in pink against a similar coloured background, it just worked so well, and i feel the above image looks great as well. 

I love the blue and the pink together i feel that they work well. I feel like it is like a cartoon in the sense that there are no details, and just one colour. I also feel that the outfit has succeeded in looking quite elegant. 

This is my Studio shoot so i am very nervous as i have a whole team with me and a two hour slot in which to do a whole shoot! Therefore, i have to be particularly prepared as i can not not get this right as the slots are few and far between!

I have looked at Guy Bourdin's films for inspiration as he often uses bright bold colours in his work. The film below has prompted me to use a pink back drop for my shoot as it really shows off other colours and looks bright when light is on it.

Madonna famously used his work as a reference for her video Hollywood, and after watching it back i really feel that using a pink background would make it all look very good.

For poses and inspiration for my shoot i have looked and creating an image that continues the theme of blocking. I have turned to children's shapes in the hope to create a shoot that reminds people of primary colours and fun.

When you look at the images below, one by Van Gogh and the other a child's toy you get a sense of simplicity and carelessness. The colours do the talking and create the feeling which is what i want my shoot to reflect. 

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