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My hand made cushions!

I created my cushion covers out of dish cloths that I brought from I recommend their products to everyone! such unique pieces. 

 As much as I would love to have dried my dishes with such amazing cloths, I could not bring myself to do it. Therefore, I created the above cushions.  

How to make my cushion covers: 

What you need:

Sewing machine (you can do it by hand) 
needle and thread
Cushion stuffing 

* Start by ensuring your fabric is level, inside out and crease free.

* Then tack your fabric together.

 * Sew one of the pieces of fabric to the fabric part of the zip, do the same to the other side of the zip using the second pieces of fabric. 

*Simply sew all of the other sides together and turn the cushion cover the right way out. Then end by stuffing the case with cushion filling. (you can use the fillings of old pillows, that's what I did)

How much did it cost me? well £18 for both cushions.

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