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How to make a statement Accessory

This style tip will put a smile on your face every time you get a ladder in your new or favourite tights. 

What you will need: 

-Some old tights ( I used about 4 pairs). 

-A pair of Scissors.

-And an old belt (preferably a skinny width one). 

Firstly get your belt double it over and do it up. like the photo below. 

Then Simply cut your tights at the toes and at the top of the leg. (we shall now call these fabric strips)

Following this, it is time to start tying the ends of your 'fabric strips' into individual knots. This covers any frayed pieces of fabric and conceals the fact that you are using tights. 

Lastly start tying all of your pieces of 'fabric strips' onto your belt (ensuring that you leave the buckle uncovered in order to undo and do up) You can create any shape you want to. I based mine on the shape of a rose.

You have now completed your Accessory challenge! WELL DONE!

Check it out! 

Here I am sporting my new accessory! PERFECT for a night out. You can't see the details very well here due to the lighting but you can when you look at the real thing (bare this in mind and try and keep it neat) 

Enjoy making this, it is very quick easy and best of all it's free! X

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