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How to revamp an old top!

Do you ever say "I have nothing to wear? I need to buy more clothes!"? WELL, take a look at my idea to revamp an old top. 

All you need is: 

Getting started:

-Start by having an idea of the design you want to put onto your top. 

-Then cut the design onto your top. (if you are not so confident, you can draw your design onto the top first and use that as a template)

!WARNING If you DO draw the design first, make sure you don't leave any marks, I recommend using pencil for this. 

-Once you have cut your design out, it is time to get your needle and thread. 

-Thread your needle through to the front of the fabric. Following this bring your needle from the front of the fabric to the underneath, and then through to the front of the fabric.

 -Repeat this process around the edges of all of the wholes. 

You may need to go over all of the wholes again to ensure they are neat and tidy. 



This idea was inspired by Louis Vuitton S/S12. The collection is so elegant, I wanted to try and see if I could take a snippet of the look an incorporate it into an every day plain top. 

Check out how amazing Kate Moss looks below, after closing the LV show. 

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