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So, I have been looking at  and I feel so excited that there are more brands taking mens underwear more seriously. As most women know, good underwear makes you feel 100% better, so finally there is a brand focusing on this niche in the mens market. Nobody likes to see grubby, baggy and tired looking pants and have most certainly tapped into that. 

My favourite part about is that they have made a series of collections e.g Loyal, Barking Mad and Super Smart. The beauty of the collections is that they capture a personality and have a sense of occasion. There is an underlining humour with the pants from  which brands like CK and Armani just don't have. These pants in my opinion are like the type of man every woman wants, stylish, sexy and playful (not too into themselves).  also do T-shirts and a few accessories, the designs are simple but effective and capture the essence of what most men want and are. 

P.s This is a great website for the ladies to look at as well (when you look at the pictures below you'll know what I mean) plus anything from this website would make a fantastic B-day or X-mas present! SO GET SHOPPING  

Now for the good bits!

And items are sent in the above bag! amazing!!! 


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